Know your value.
Make more money.

Your value is more than just pretty pictures, you have real influence. You know it, and we know it, and together we’re going to prove it.

You have a blog? Awwww, that’s cute.

You know what else is cute?
Making more money than your doctor.

But there’s a problem: it’s really hard proving to brands how much value you’re delivering. Yes, it’s about the content, but it’s also about knowing how many lives were impacted by what you created.

We all like to know where our money's going (dang you Target!!). Brands are just like us; they want to know what they're getting for their investment. Reporting impressions is the industry standard for internet marketing, and up until now, bloggers have been a black hole of information.

BlogUp helps increase sponsorship revenue by proving your value with gorgeous, automatically-updated reports. Your sponsors will love them, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Create Powerful and Dynamic Reports In Minutes

Create professional reports that track every campaign deliverable on the platforms you use most.

Always up-to-date

Your content is alive and changing, your reports should be too. Our reports update for-ev-er. Have 4-year-old content that just went viral? We've got you. Want to create reports on old content? Done.

Create Reports In Minutes

Know how to copy and paste? You’ve already mastered creating a report. *High five*


Your reports are co-branded with your logo and the sponsor's. It makes you look like an absolute professional that does not work in a three-day-old ponytail while she throws Cheerios to her kid. #winning

Curious what the reports look like?

You can see a sample report here.

Easily Report On The Numbers Sponsors Care About

BlogUp works with:

Google Analytics
Instagram Stories
“I love that I’m able to provide a comprehensive analytics report that updates in real time.”
Jen Merlene

How does BlogUp work?



Email your report directly from BlogUp, or copy a shareable link. Sponsors will be blown away by the beautiful report you send, and you'll feel like a rockstar knowing your reports really show them the value you created.



Add your sponsor's logo alongside your own and update the report title to whatever you'd like. These little touches can make all the difference in the professionalism and style of your report.


Add links

Copy the links for the content you created and add them in to BlogUp. You can also pre-load deliverable titles for the content you create most, that way you’ll never overlook a social post.


Connect your accounts

Connect BlogUp to your social accounts, website analytics, email and more. We connect to everything sponsors care about, and are always adding more! Don’t see one that you use? Shoot us a message!

We know what you’re thinking, this is awesome, it’s obviously 5 billion dollars.

BlogUp pricing is simple and straightforward. No tiers, no upsells, no add-ons; just one price that stays the same- even when your revenue triples!

It’s only $99/mo and that includes:

Unlimited Reports
Because you write... lots.
Unlimited Social Profiles
Connect everything
(even multiple accounts from one platform).
Unlimited Users
Get your whole team on the same page.
The Best Support
No vague future response times here,
we’re always on!
Report PDF Export
Because sometimes you just
need a "thing" to share.
Report Builder
Like steroids for your reports
(but legal!)
Partner Key
Easily share reports in a way your sponsors will looove!
Always Up-to-Date Reports
Add deliverables once, and we'll keep your reports looking fresh with our daily update.

Ready to Prove Your Value & Make More Money?

“BlogUp has helped me get more campaigns, better paying campaigns, and can much more easily show my value to brands I work with.”
Helen Beane

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